The fAIR4all Campaign: Promoting air quality’s role in communities around the world


The end goal of the campaign is raise awareness and to communicate to all citizens of the world that access to clean air must be recognized as a crucial component of access to health, and as a basic human right. By doing this, safe air will be incorporated within the international pantheon of essential public health services akin to clean water, vaccinations, family planning, and primary care.


Further public awareness on air pollution.

Air pollution is a serious issue, and it is not getting the attention it deserves. Many communities lack the knowledge about air pollution, which deprives them of the ability to take action to improve their quality of life.


  • Provide multidisciplinary, cross-cultural and hands-on learning opportunities to the community
  • Advocate understanding of what air pollution is, how it affects health and what can be done in the community
  • Promote opportunities for FAC’s members to work and learn from the communities and political entities.

Advance regulation, monitoring and education.

International strategies are necessary to establish minimum air quality health standard across the globe for both indoor and outdoor air pollution. Understanding how to regulate and monitor air pollution is a priority in all parts of the world and educating local leaders is imperative for the development and safety or their community.


  • Establish lasting relationships with community leaders, community-based organizations, local government and local NGO’s
  • Collaborate with local entities such as universities, high schools, industry, corporations…etc. to promote air quality’s importance in community and solve the issues that the community faces
  • Create a financial framework for local entities to better monitor and regulate air pollution
  • Develop a portfolio of donors, corporate partners and advocates.

Institute safe air as a basic human right.


  • Build understanding among political entities of the necessity of establishing  safe air as a basic human right
  • Systematically pursue, through learning and communication, to incorporate safe air within the international pantheon of essential public health services akin to clean water, vaccinations, family planning, and primary care.
  • Promote the idea that establishing safe air as a basic human right is the most effective way for communities to reach their full potential

Reduce public risks.

Recognizing how to reduce the death toll is important. Implementing a global environmental effort is imperative to establish safety, peaceful relations among states and secure mutual integrity of all citizens.


  • Ensure minimum air quality in specific communities in a long-term basis
  • Establish a healthier environment for community members.
  • Empower women and improve maternal health by reducing risks when cooking
  • Reduce child mortality
  • Improve international relationships by reducing cross-boundary air pollution
  • Insist on excellence in air pollution mitigation technologies and commit to educate the community members to maintain it
  • Reduce the overall death toll and diseases due to air pollution


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