Join the UNEP’s debate on air pollution: “Why do you think promoting air quality is crucial to your health and what measures should be taken?”

Take part in the Interactive thematic debate on promoting air quality in the context of healthy environment, healthy people.  Nairobi, 30 October 2015. Please click on the “JOIN THE DEBATE LIVE” for specific time. Background: Promoting air quality is at the forefront of the sustainable development agenda. Substantially reducing by 2030 the number of deaths[…]

Imane Lahrich represented the Fair Air Coalition during the first Mediterranean Forum of Young Leaders (Forum méditerranéen des jeunes leaders) in Morocco

Imane Lahrich, the FAC’s North Africa correspondent, represented our organization earlier this month during the first Mediterranean Forum of Young Leaders in the Moroccan city of Essaouira hosted from 2 to 4 October 2015. This forum’s agenda included discussions on the phenomena of radicalization, refugees, climate change and social exclusion. On these issues, which are shared[…]

Check out AIRVISUAL, the air quality community

Check out AIRVISUAL by clicking HERE Understanding Air Visual’s Forecasting Method – Deep Machine Learning research Air Visual applies artificial intelligence, big data and cloud computing to map complex, nonlinear air pollution trends accurately and efficiently. The method employs deep machine learning – a process of simplifying data by learning multiple levels of representations and abstractions[…]